Model Cancellation Fee


Model shall be given one free reschedule and a total of two dates without cost. If Model reschedules a second time or for a third date then Model will pay a venue fee that is due in full before the third date is scheduled or future modeling sessions are scheduled. Payment must be fully processed before rescheduling. Fees are based on the venue type. Private residences and public venues have a $15 fee. Private venues have a $25 fee. Wedding venues have a $125 fee. If Model is already JN Photography Certified he/she will have a $5 deduction from all fees. The Certified discount does not apply for models who have passed a background check but have not completed the certification process. Fees are due before third and subsequent rescheduling. This fee is not reimbursable. Company reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule with/without reason at any time. If Company rescheduled and/or cancels it will not count against Model.

A full version of the Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.

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