Mini Sessions


The JN Photography online session creator allows you to create a fully customized portraiture package that is perfect for you. Simply fill out the sections below.

Our Mini Session Packages start at a $60 investment that includes a 30 minute session and five photographs. All photographs are edited by hand at the JN Photography studio. Financing is also available for those who qualify. Our mini sessions include:

  • Portraiture, Family & Individual
  • Portraiture, Head
  • Portraiture, Pet
  • Adoption (no age restriction)
  • Maternity
  • Newborn
#1 Select a session.
All mini sessions include five photographs. Additional photographs can be purchased at Step #4 or we can gladly let you select additional photographs on our tablet after the session.
#2 Select how many people will be in your portraiture.
#3 How many photographs do you want?
Five photographs are already included with your session.
Additional Photographs
#4 Do you want to add our portable studio?
#5 Which print package do you want?


Small Print Package: (2) 5×7 prints, (4) 4×6 prints

Medium Print Package: (1) 8×10 print, (4) 5×7 prints, (2) 4×6 prints.

Large Print Package: (2) 8×10 prints, (2) 5×7 prints, (2) 4×6 prints, (8) wallet prints

Big Print Package: (6) 8×10 prints, (10) 5×7 prints, (10) 4×6 prints, (16) wallet prints.


Portraiture Sessions

Our Family & Individual Portraitures include full body and head portraits, plus unlimited outfit changes.

Head Portraitures focus on the bust and face – what most people think of when they hear the word Portrait. And yes, there are very many ways to pose your face. We’ll study you facial features to determine which is your good side and even show you different ways to smile.

Pets are our other family members that leave a short and favorable mark on our lives. You can use the Pet Portraiture to have portraits of you and your pet at home or in the office.

Adoption Sessions

Adoption Session just like our newborn session, but there’s no age restriction.  You can add our portable studio service and we’ll bring our studio to you home, church, or club for a professional background appeal.

Maternity Sessions

Pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts a woman can have. Use our Maternity Session to save this special and beautiful time. We offer fully clothed, implied, and nude styles for this blessed time. These sessions are best at 34-36 weeks. Save 10% when you also purchase a Newborn Session.

Newborn Sessions

Recommended within the first 2 weeks of the baby’s birth, these Newborn Sessions are rare treasures to keep for generations to come. These photographs will be share with family and friends throughout several lifetimes. Imagine showing your boy’s girlfriend those cute baby-butt pictures or looking at her beautiful newborn wrinkles from your wallet at her wedding. This session starts at 1 hour, but we recommend a 3 hour sessions to give baby the time to sleep, eat, and stay comfortable. Your love bug must be under 1 year old for this package.