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Interested in joining the JN Photography Models Club?

Experienced models get in-home study material, hands-on training, a 2 hour session, and the option for possible publications. Inexperienced inquirers have a one-time investment that includes basic pose training, in-home study material,  and 1 hour session with a USB of 10 photographs at our usual rate.

1. Joining the JN Photography Model’s Club
2. Joining the JNP Model’s Club with No Previous Experience
3. Juvenile Models
4. Certification
5. Honorary Models
6. Specials
7. Good Standing
8. Donated & Invested Sessions
9. Publications
10. Venues
11. Casting Calls
12. Prohibited Content
13. Webpage
14. Social Media
15. Awards
16. Edits

1. Joining the JNP Model’s Club with Previous Experience. Models inquiring to join the JN Photography Model’s Club must submit an application that includes a relative resume and references. If the application is accepted, the applicant will be required to submit five photographs of himself/herself that were conducted by a professional photographer. Photographs must be a mixture of head portraits and full body portraits. If the applicant has not had a professional session in five or more years then only one of the five submitted photographs must be a recent unprofessional picture (cell phone, selfie, friend with a camera, etc.) If all documents are accepted then the applicant will be allowed to join the Model Club after his/her first free session with JN Photography (JNP) and after JN Photography conducts a soft criminal background check on the applicant.

2. Joining the JNP Model’s Club with No Previous Experience. Applicants without previous work with a professional photographer or whose documents were not accepted must complete a paid full-length session with JN Photography. After the session JN Photography will decide if the applicant has modeling potential and, if accepted, JN Photography will conduct a soft criminal background check on the applicant.

3. Juvenile Models. Club members who are under the age of 18 but at least 12 years of age must have a legal guardian sign each contract with the minor and preapprove each photography session. JN Photography may limit session types to minor models for ethical, moral, and/or legal reasons. JN Photography has full discretion on the genres of photography it will conduct with minors.

4. Certification. Certified Models are members of the Model’s Club who (i) have been published at least three times in a bonafide magazine, or (ii) having outstanding recognition in the arts (e.g. acting, modeling, music, etc.), or (iii) have been associated and active in a modeling agency for over two years. Models must submit a request to be titled Certified, however, JN Photography may certify a model based on observed works, etc.

5. Honorary Model. The title of Honorary Model is reserved for models with outstanding community outreach or have conquered a unique, personal challenge.

6. Specials. Photographer Nathan Haefer desires to complete special projects annually. Such projects have a unique theme and/or technical work. Persons involved in a significant Special will receive life-long status in the Model Club unless the model is removed by JN Photography for any reason.

7. Good Standing. In order to stay in good standing with the Model’s Club a person must have been involved in one special project, be involved in a special portraiture session that commemorates a special or unique accomplishment, or complete at least one mini-session every three calendar years. JNP reserves the right to remove a model’s status with sole discretion as to the reason, whether physical, intangible, actual, implied, with or without the violation of this section, etc., with or without the model’s notice. JN Photography may remove Certification or Honorary status with sole discretion as to the reason, whether physical, intangible, actual, implied, with or without the violation of this section, etc., with or without the model’s notice.

8. Donated & Invested Sessions. JNP desires to maintain an energetic level of comradery in the brutal world of modeling and commercial photography. Therefore, we offer free to low cost sessions to members of the Model Club. Models can receive four free session annually and additional sessions proposed by a photographer affiliated with JNP under the discretion of its owner, or special styled sessions proposed by a model and approved by the owner of JNP. These free and discounted sessions will include a link to many, but not necessarily all, photographs and renditions with the JNP trademark and will be released to the model with limited usage rights. Models will have the opportunity to purchase individual images for unrestricted and/or commercial use at JNP’s standard commercial rate.

9. Publications. JNP has the sole discretion to publish works. If published, attempts to notify the model will be made. Model may seek publication with JNP’s permission. Model will be responsible for reimbursing JN Photography the full cost of a printed copy of the publication whether the publication was a result of the photographer or the model.

10. Venues. Public venues and venues under the discretion of JNP are free to models. However, private venues and venues focused on juveniles will be restricted to models who have cleared a background check provided by the Virginia State Police. There are no venue fees unless the model cancels or reschedules a session more than two times. To apply for a third session a model must pay, prior to the third scheduling, $20 for public property and their own residences, $40 for private venues and the JNP studio, or $125 for wedding venues.

11. Casting Calls. JNP will attempt to notify Model Club members via a quarterly newsletter, social media, or email. Casting Calls not conducted by JNP should be scrutinized and questioned thoroughly by the model. JNP is not responsible for Casting Calls not conducted by JNP.

12. Prohibited Content. JNP will not participate in pornographic, politically divisive, hateful, racist, or condescending works of art. JNP does not participate in nudity unless the images are in a completely artist and tasteful fashion such as the Discobolus of Myron sculpture, non-pornographic boudoir, and elegant bodyscape. Models who display, condone, or participate in any fashion of pornographic images or vulgarity that opposes the moral principles held by the owners of JNP, however subjective, may have their Model’s Club status revoked at the discretion of JNP. Revocation may or may not include the removal of model’s work and information from the JNP website.

13. Webpage. Model Club members are granted his/her own webpage on the JNP website, The webpage will include a maximum of 2 photographs of the model (limited to two megabytes each), links to the model’s social media profiles, descriptors of the model, and a brief bio submitted by the model and edited by JNP at JNP’s discretion. It is the model’s responsibility to provide JNP updated information.

14. Social Media. JNP reserves the right to place any images of the model on social media, except photographs that have been purchased under the Exclusive/Commercial rights purchase. JNP will attempt to credit the model on the post on Model Mondays and this may or may not include the model’s first name, last name, pseudo name, account link, JNP page link, or none of the above. JNP is not mandated to list the model’s information on any social media post and has the discretion not to.

15. Awards. The contest rules are to the discretion of JNP and may or may not include public input.

16. Edits. JNP reserves the rights to edit its policies without the notification to or approval of JNP models and clients.

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