Hair and Makeup Artists

We want you to look your best for your portraiture and that’s why we highly recommend hiring a local Hair & Makeup Artist to give you the most of your portraits. Sure, there’s always digital editing and that’s included in your investment, but nothing compares to having a professional Hair & Makeup Artist do what they do best which is make you look your best.

Selena Quinones 2PNG Selena Quinones 1PNG

Selena Quinones with Belleza Tuya

Belleza Tuya (Your Beauty) is a Makeup Artistry company who thrives in making all walks of life confident . My name is Selena Quinones , I am a certified Professional in makeup artistry. I learned almost everything I know from Boss Beauty Makeup Academy and cosmetology school. Makeup has been a life long passion for me. When I see how someone feels after seeing my work, it brings me a sense of honor. As a woman, I know the difficulties we go through just trying to accept our self. With makeup instead of covering up it brings out the inner confidence by enhancing your god given features. Makeup is a great tool! It’s even more beautiful while photographed.  For ever job I do its an honor to make you feel special. 

Services and Starting Prices:

  • Makeup: $80
  • Hair Updo: $45
  • Hair Blowout: $25
  • Hair Simple Style: $25



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Nyx Azelea with Nyx Azelea Make-up Artistry

Nyx Azelea Make-up Artistry is a self owned brand that pays attention to every eccentric detail. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder is you. Make up enhances the beauty that is already there. That’s what I learned when I retrieved my license. As a model, myself, I know how important it is to have everything to go all together and flowing; As a MUA & a Hairstylist, when I have my sessions with my clients I want them to feel empowered by their beauty that’s they already have and embrace it all by the time our sessions end and further beyond. This only the beginning.

Services and Starting Prices:

  • Makeup: $65
  • Hair Updo: $45
  • Simple hairstyle: $25
  • Special Effect Makeup: $75


image-coming-soon Tashicka Rock Model PNG

Tashicka Rock

Bio Coming Soon…

Services and Starting Prices:

  • Makeup: $40
  • Hair: $40
  • Makeup & Hair Combo: $70
  • Wedding Special: $75