JN Photography is a proud supporter of our military and first responders (including dispatchers). We also offer free wedding photography for couples fighting through terminal illness.


Here is a partial list of discount codes. Please know that we will verify your credentials before services are rendered at a discount.

We criminally charge jerks who lie about serving our Country.


  • Bedford911 – Bedford County Law Enforcement and Fire Department discount.


  • KWPhoto – Special discounts offered to Lynchburg KellerWilliams realtors.


  • LionLamb – Clergy discount.


  • Lynchburg911 – Lynchburg Police Department and Lynchburg Fire Department personnel. 


  • Spartan – Military and 1st Responder discount.


  • Putt20 – West Lynchburg Baptist Church congregation discount.


  • Nicephore – Available annually for Photography Day (August 20).