The Chargeable Viking Bronco Christmas Spectacular

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I just finished a session for future Christmas cards when one of the subjects told me that he was surprising his brother by basically changing his flight so he’d come to Virginia instead of his original destination for Christmas. Now all they needed was a photographer for the special, surprise Christmas reunion. I was already scheduled to work a ton that weekend, but I couldn’t resist this special occasion. So, another 16 hour day was scheduled and I’m so glad we did!


The energy, laughs, and jokes were contagious. Everybody was energetic and positive, thankful to be together for the holidays. And thankful that they would have photographs to cherish this special day for generations to come.


Of course the main attraction was the baby – and boy what a poser! Such a heart melter. But he wasn’t the only one ready to take the spotlight. Grandpa brought his strongest player a new Vikings hat – a Christmas present to chagrin of the kiddo’s Bronco daddy and Charger uncle. And the sparks flew! But of course, with the power of the littlest player, the Vikings won the show. Being a Cheesehead myself, that absolutely killed me, but who could say no to that little face!


There were so many great memories this last Christmas. And this shoot definitely has a lot of them.