Realty Portrait

Nannette Turner is a realtor with Lynchburg’s Keller-Williams. I had called KW just days before another realtor was supposed to come to the old house with a photographer and with the dreaded paperwork. People kept telling me that I needed to double check on that realtor’s numbers, so I called KW on the spur of a moment. Nannette came over a couple days after the phone call and I’m grateful she did. Needless to say her numbers and presentation were on point and blew the other realtor out of the water – we signed her on that night. The next day the house sold with a dream-like offer that was perfect. The next week, the house that had everything we wanted – including a new studio space – was put on the market. Nannette got us in for a short-notice showing, we put in our offer immediately, and I’m happy to say we’ll be moving in soon.


Nannette then asked if I would do a head portrait session with her and her partner. Of course I said yes and, after all that my family was blessed with through her, I gave her a pretty good deal too. We worked hard on the session, went into overtime, and the result was 53 renditions of fifteen specific portraits. Additionally, her KW colleagues now receive a special JN Photography rate.


It should be obvious that I highly recommend Nannette and TJ with McLean Mortgage. For inspections I recommend Anthony Vorce with James River Home Inspections – those guys are hard workers! And if your business, however large or small, doesn’t have a JN Photography contract that locks-in special photography rates – well call now! I’d be happy to speak with you and provide your company’s portrait and advert photography needs. 434-944-6982. If you don’t have time to call email me at .

164 Photograph - 20180402TM

164 Photograph BW - 20180402TM

162 Photograph - 20180402TM

162 Photograph BW - 20180402TM
144-2 Photograph - 20180402TM
135-3 Photograph - 20180402TM
146-2 Photograph - 20180402TM
036-1 Photograph - 20180402TM
044 Photograph - 20180402TM