Pillow Maternity

Soft Focus Maternity

A very happy couple privileged me to chronicle a surprise maternity session in November 2017 and it was a lot of fun. The whole family bore the cold and took some fun photographs. This was a shoot I was super excited about because this couple has done so much for the Lynchburg community.

For this particular session I left the Canon 6D Mark II on Portrait Setting (manual of course) for that special, soft focus feel.  Now, usually I’m not a big fan of soft focus, but sometimes it creates a truly magical feeling like with bridal sessions. You can reserve your bridal session for free at JN Photography’s bridal page: https://www.jnphotographyva.com/product/bridal/ . So what do I prefer over soft focus? Detailed photographs. Not necessarily rigid like with some bodyscape, but detailed none the less – especially with the eyes. Specific eye focus is not something the Canon 6D Mark II can do with a group photograph with a Portrait Setting, after all, the setting is designed to soften skin pores on close-ups and that’s what makes the soft focus atmosphere at farther distances. So I really had to practice some self-control and venture into what I don’t normally do. The results were pleasant.

Most of you know that I usually bring all of my equipment, even the stuff we won’t need. This time was an exception. I did not bring my portable studio and you know what? We continued the adventure indoors for a few special photographs on the spur of the moment. It was a lot of fun trying to piece together the lighting in a small dining room. Getting people in place, object moved, and the single Canon 600EX II-RT was a lot of crunching on the spot, but the results were great as you and several hundred people have now seen through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So thank you all so much for letting me know how much you enjoyed this maternity session! Feel free to reach me at any time if you have a cool idea. Who knows – if it’s unique enough I might do it for free.

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