Growing Fall


It’s not often that a photographer is privileged to meet a natural model, much less a natural model who loves modeling. Yet such is the case with Savannah. I first met her in 2016 and her modeling skills for such a young girl were impressive. Her enthusiasm obvious. But in November of 2017 I saw that she not only had a desire to model, but had been practicing hard in posing and taking care of her body by eating the right things. She truly has a local talent that has the potential for professionalism.

Now these photos may look warm and welcoming, but the wind was howling and the cold was biting. This poor girl was freezing by the time we finished outdoors. We were having fun though, albeit some of the fun was watching her mom chase after the reflector disc. But these beautiful photographs would have been absolutely impossible without the mom’s disc work – we owe her!

So without further ado here is a sample of the last 2017 album. We’ve already finished the December albums and have uploaded a selection, though we’ll probably be rearranging them for easier viewing. Now JN Photography will review them and choose one 2017 Photograph of the Year!