Calling Family of Six!

Back in November 2017 I had the privilege of conducting a very special family portrait session at Riverside Park in Lynchburg Virginia. I think it was in 2016 when I had the opportunity of donating to one of the local churches in Lynchburg. They were holding a silent auction and I threw in a $560 gift voucher. Over a year passed and I truly thought that the gift voucher had been lost for all time. Then, just days before the voucher expired, Rebecca contacted me. The winner of the voucher had not the time to use it, so he blessed the family of six. Needless to say, kids are expensive and having four kids is quadruply expensive!

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Our first obstacle was timing. Every parent of young children know there are certain times you do and do not take your kids out or do a special event. We decided that an evening session would be the best and the place – well what better place is there to do an outdoor session with a bunch of young kids then in a park? So we went with Riverside Park since it has the beautiful scenery and the playground. This way the kids could play before the session and get the energy out, or the parents could hold the playground captive as a treat for good behavior. The latter worked excellently and the little darlings did a great job following instruction and having their portraits taken.

Afterwards I captured them playing on the playground – some treasured memories for sure. I’m working on making the JN Photography albums available through our website, but that is taking some time to compress them and arrange them (trust me, you don’t want to load a photograph that’s over 34 megabytes). So for right now they’re in a temporary folder on our Facebook page. Click here to view them. Like with all our clients, this album will be moved into the year’s sampler page after a while.

Oh, and JN Photography is throwing a HUGE Valentine sweepstakes! One grand prize winner and three runner-ups will receive a lot of cool wedding photography sessions.

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