Q1 Newsletter


I can’t believe 2019 is already here! Thank you so much for making 2018 such a success for JN Photography. As soon as we get all the 2018 orders finished we’ll launch the 2018 Photo of the Year competition. This is how it will work, four photographs from 2018 will be chosen and put up on Facebook and Instagram for a vote. The photo with the most votes wins! And what does the photo winner get? A $20 JN Photography discount on their next portrait session plus a framed 16×20 print of the winning photo!


Since you’ve made JNP so successful in 2018 we’re changing a few things. We’ll no longer be sending out three of the quarterly newsletters (such as this one) via USPS. Thankfully our customer and mailing list has gotten too large to support the postage cost (not to mention all the time it takes to put that stuff together). So which newsletter will get sent out? The Q4 that goes out in October. Why? Because we’re going to give you a chance to get in on the Christmas Special throughout October and November! So what about the quarterly coupons? They’re attached only to the emailed newsletters as a PDF file. Interested in what’s coming up for the monthly specials? They’re on the PDF too so you can plan ahead. Not signed up for the mailing list or need to change something? You can sign up at https://www.jnphotographyva.com/newsletter-mailing-list.


How about this: no more late fees and no taxes in 2019! That’s right, we’ve tossed out the late fees in our contracts and we won’t be collecting sales tax in Virginia. There is a catch, we need help covering the cost of electronic payments such as PayPal and credit cards. To offset that expense we’re including a 2.9% “convenience” fee, but only to customers who choose to pay electronically. Cash and check are still good with us.


So with all those changes to our services we’ve decided to shape up a couple things. Now the contracts will be easier to read and you can see how much additional photographs are – just in case you can’t get enough. Another thing that’s being shaped up: Print Packages. We’ve narrowed down our Print Packages to something simpler: Small, Medium, Large, and Big. And now the Print Packages start at just $11.41!


Our JNP Models are getting more services in 2019 too. We hereby dub every second Monday as Model Monday. We’ll be sending models hints, tips, videos, book ideas, and more to help them in their career. Plus, that week one JNP Model will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, etc. And we’re accepting new model applications throughout 2019! To sign up go to https://www.jnphotographyva.com/product/become-a-model/.


The Elon Tornado Album is still in the works and will hopefully be finished up in 2019 after we finish the 2018 photographs. All JNP customers will receive a discounted price and all profits will go towards God’s Pit Crew. Check them out at www.godspitcrew.org.


If you haven’t joined us yet, here are the links to our social media accounts and remember to tag us at #jnphotographyva:


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